About Hinted

Hinted is the social shopping platform where you make lists of what you want, and discover recommendations from friends and influencers.

Start Hinting, Shop Happier

Welcome to Hinted, a place where you can create lists of what you want to buy and discover what’s new and trending.

Every day, you’ll discover new, exciting things on Hinted from curators, influencers, and most importantly, your friends. Hinted is a new way to shop online that allows you to keep track of everything you want to buy and share your wants with friends to find out what they think.

Too often, shopping online feels like a late-night exercise in guesswork, juggling tabs and crossing your fingers that you made the right choice. It is isolating and overwhelming. We realized retail needed a makeover. That’s why we created a Hinted: A place where you can save what you want to buy from anywhere online, stay organized easily, and share future purchases with friends.

Some describe us as a shoppable mood board. We describe ourselves as a tool to help you get what you really want, save money and have more fun shopping online with friends.

And when we say you can add anything to your list from anywhere online, we mean it.

Here’s what the Hinted team is hinting right now:

Lucy Danziger, CEO and Founder: A new triathlon bike, fall shoes and her favorite charities

Francesca Castagnoli, Chief Content Director: Halter bathing suits and vintage sconces

Sophie Smith, Marketing Director: Honeymoon suites in South Africa and the perfect safari hat

Claire Wardlaw, Operations Manager: Summer concert tickets and beauty masks

Whatever you’re shopping for, save it on Hinted. Before you shop for it, hint it!