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Hinted lets you keep track of what you want as you shop online.

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Partner with Hinted to get your brand in front of 200,000 Millennial shoppers who look to Hinted for inspiration for what to buy next.

Hinted is a shopping app, website and platform that lets users keep track of what they want to buy as they browse and shop online.

Hinted solves the problem: What to buy now? It’s a useful tool that lets users shop and keep track of what they want by adding them to wish lists. Each link on Hinted connects to retail, so unlike other platforms that frustrate shoppers who can’t find what they are looking for, Hinted takes shoppers directly to the retailer.

The Hinted newsletter offers a curated collection of What to Want Now from tastemakers, influencers, and magazine editors including Hinted founder, Lucy Danziger, former Editor-in-Chief of SELF.

Every Hinted newsletter tells our audience of dedicated shoppers what to buy now and what’s coming up next, in the categories of Fashion, Beauty, Jewelry, Travel, Fitness Gear, Home Decor, Tech, Food & Drink, and Wellbeing experiences.

The Hinted newsletter puts your brand on the “Most Wanted” list on the Hinted homepage, the Hinted App and the Hinted Discover Feed.

As users add items to their Hinted lists (using the chrome extension, the share button on their phone or re-hinting items from the platform) the item goes to the top of the feed, to be discovered by other shoppers. Hinted is a dynamic shopping platform.

When you advertiser with Hinted, you enter the Hinted shopping dialogue and become part of the peer-to-peer marketing that is Hinted!

The Hinted App was named “New App We Love”by Apple in the App Store. Shoppers love inspiration, and that’s where the Hinted newsletter comes in.

See sample emails here, here, and here.

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